Defense Skin Conditioner
Defense Skin Conditioner

Defense Skin Conditioner

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Relieve chapped, weather-torn skin while providing natural protection from a variety of elements.

When the relative humidity in your environment plummets, your skin’s outer layer becomes brittle and breaks, resulting in cracked skin. Whether you’re fighting severe cold weather or extra dry heat, this rich protective balm has you covered. Defend your skin against harsh dryness with a flexible layer of Beeswax and Vitamin E. This supple, nourishing balm restores essential elasticity and hydration to weathered skin, resolving painful cracks and fissures. Defense provides soothing relief for hands and feet that are overworked all year. Keep it by your side during any season and discover beautiful, radiant skin that glows from within. Defense is your classic go-to against the elements.

Feel confident knowing you are feeding your skin the nutrition it needs to stay healthy without any harmful or controversial toxins.  Defense is completely safe for every member of your family because it is only made with ingredients found in nature.