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Carry On Charts

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The Chart Bundle includes a .zip folder containing a .pdf Chord Chart, Lead Sheet, & Nashville Number Sheet for "Carry On" from The Emerging Sound Vol. 3.

All individual charts are .pdf direct downloads.

In every trial, call on the Lord  
The Spirit will lead us, He’ll lead us on 
In every suffering, We’ll take up our cross 
Following Jesus, whatever the cost

Carry on, for the good of the Lord 
And the thrill of His glory 
We’ll carry on, Oh, we will endure  
For the morning is coming soon 
He is coming soon

If you are wanting, Ask of the Lord 
The storehouse has plenty, He overflows  
In seasons of darkness, look to the hill 
See on the horizon, the Son’s shining still 

We’re burning the bridges to our past 
We’re pressing on to the hope that lasts 
O Lord take us into your holy place 
In the thrill of your glory 
The thrill of Your glory

Written by Sean Carter and Charity Gayle, Tent Peg Music, and Nicole Crosby, Andrew Riddle, Lexi Pearson, Cade Thompson and Hannah Hodges, The Emerging Sound Publishing.