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The Chart Bundle includes a .zip folder containing a .pdf Chord Chart, Lead Sheet, & Nashville Number Sheet for "Gave Up The Ghost" from Kaden Slay's album, The Mercy Of Jesus.

All individual charts are .pdf direct downloads.

He stepped down from Heaven's heights 
Laid His majesty aside 
Infinity wrapped into clay 
He submitted to the womb so  
He could take the tomb 
The Word became flesh to show the way 

Then Jesus went lower 
Jesus went lower still

He walked upon the earth 
Like a farmer plows the dirt 
He poured himself like wine from the vines 
The glory of the tree 
Was a fruit most pure and sweet 
He fell down to give us this life

So we could be closer 
We could be closer still

He gave up the ghost 
To give us the ghost 
When God breathed out  
Saints rose from the ground 
With life in their bones

What's the use of seed 
If it only stays a seed 
Are we meant to be buried or sown 
How selfish we can be
hen we think we're ours to keep 
We are not meant to stay our own 

Jesus went lower 
Jesus went lower still 

He gave up the ghost 
To give us the ghost 
The veil was torn as the church was born 
And love was exposed

Lower still to take our burden 
Lower still to bare our cross 
Lower still to shatter curses 
Lower still to reach our hearts

Closer still to bind the broken 
Closer still to heal our scars 
Closer still to break us open 
Closer still into His arms

Written by Jennie Lee Riddle, Jennie Lee Riddle Music, and Kaden Slay, Tent Peg Music.