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Heal Our Land Charts

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The Chart Bundle includes a .zip folder containing a .pdf Chord Chart, Lead Sheet, & Nashville Number Sheet for the single "Heal Our Land" from People & Songs.

All individual charts are .pdf direct downloads.

You’re always selfless 
I have been proud 
You laid your life down 
Where I have not bowed 
Oh, Forgive me 
You’re always Faithful 
I have betrayed 
You have shown mercy 
Where I have sown hate 
Oh, Forgive me

I turn from my ways 
To seek Your face 
And humbly pray 
God heal our land 
You will heal our land 
You will heal our land 
You will heal our land 
You will heal our land

You see the hungry 
I’ve turned my face 
You move to help them 
I’ve run away 
Oh Forgive me 
You see the hurting 
I’ve judged their shame 
Where you bear the burden 
I’ve passed the blame 
Oh Forgive Me

The Spirit and the Bride 
Are ready Lord 
We rise and prophecy 
This earth is Yours

Lift up oh ancient gates 
Fling wide the doors 
O king of glory reign 
This earth is Yours

 Written by Jennie Lee Riddle, Jennie Lee Riddle Music, Sean Carter and Melanie Tierce, Tent Peg Music.