How Can My Feet Not Dance Charts

How Can My Feet Not Dance Charts

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The Chart Bundle includes a .zip folder containing .pdf Chord Chart, Lead Sheet, & Nashville Number Sheet for "How Can My Feet Not Dance" from The Emerging Sound Vol. 4.

All individual charts are .pdf direct downloads.

The Spirit is moving 
In power, He’s proving that  
Jesus is here, Jesus is here

Our faith is increasing 
And we are believing that 
Jesus is Here, Jesus is Here


How can my feet not dance? 
How can my lips not sing? 
How can my heart not praise? 
My Jesus, my freedom

Oh-oh Oh Ohhh OHH... 

My eyes became open 
My shackles were broken and 
Jesus is Here 
Jesus is Here

My sin was forgiven 
When Jesus was risen now 
Jesus is Here 
Jesus is Here

We dance, we sing 
To praise our King 
'Cause Jesus is here, 
Jesus is here

Written by David Gentiles, New Hope Road Music, Aryn Calhoun, Touched By A Fire Publishing, Ben Bushen, Abi Lea, Brian McHaney, Kaitlyn Malouf, Abbi Hallock and Kimberlee Brown, The Emerging Sound Publishing, and Chloe Jones, unaffiliated.