Inescapable Day Charts

Inescapable Day Charts

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The Bundle includes a .zip folder containing all orchestration charts as .pdfs for "Inescapable Day" from Opus 1. Individual charts are .pdf direct downloads. The Transposable Information File is a .sib direct download. 


There will come an inescapable day
When rods of shepherds and kings
Scepters side by side will lay
For the judge of all who walk this Earth
When deeds are displayed and words are replayed
By the God of the universe
To the Lamb who for all man was slain
He purchased with life and ransomed us to reign
As servant priests from every nation and tongue
Made a people for a kingdom set apart for God


Praise to the Lamb praise the King
Praise to the judge great high priest


To Him sits on the throne
Be the praise forever more
Be blessing and honor and power