Life Bringing Symphony Charts

Life Bringing Symphony Charts

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The Bundle includes a .zip folder containing a .pdf of each sheet for "Life Bringing Symphony" arranged by Kaden Slay, Jennie Lee Riddle and Victoria Rowe.

Individual charts are .pdf direct downloads.

Verse 1
A sound is emerging that resonates freedom
Beckons the sleepers to rise
This melody echoes of Kingdom revival
That heralds across the skies
The Anthem is drowning out misery
and darkness has run in defeat
So come sing your new song of sweet liberation
In the life-bringing symphony
Oh in the life-bringing symphony
Verse 2
Old rhythms of fear be silenced by Truth
Courage now, lift up your head
This chorus is filled with love for the message
And joy for the journey ahead
Ears once deaf now hear it clear
Voiceless break out in a song
Joined with the King in His vict’ry refrain
Our praise will awaken the dawn
Our praise will awaken the dawn
Our praise will awaken the dawn