Stormed The Walls Charts

Stormed The Walls Charts

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The Bundle includes a .zip folder containing a .pdf Chord Chart, Lead Sheet & Nashville Number Sheet for "Stormed The Walls" from Turn Up The Lights 2019 Live From La Porte with Luke Cyrus and People & Songs.

All individual charts are .pdf direct downloads.

"You'll never succeed," he would whisper in my ear
"Son of Adam, you're a failure in disguise"
That old defeated foe, well he wouldn't stop yellin'
But the truth has quenched his lies

At last I can see I am free
No more will I bend or attend to his ways
To the lies that tied my soul in a bind
I've found hope, wait, no, it found me

You stormed the walls, O Freedom!
The chains, you took 'em all away away
You shattered the dark, broke the doors of the dungeon
Came to save, you came to set the captives free

Filled with wonder, so alive
Sweet joy no one can steal
These broken wings have been brought to life
And I can't shake the way I feel

This sailing ship has found its course
No more lost at sea
I've found treasure but not beneath the sands
And its truths have set me free

My soul in the shadows, deep shadows black
'Til You came my middle name was Dread
I was living in the dark, praying for a candle
But I got a torch instead

I tried and I tried to free myself
But alas my struggle was in vain
No match was I for that captor of mine
But he was no match for my King

Written by Luke Cyrus, Tent Peg Music.