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Waterfall Charts

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The Chart Bundle includes a .zip folder containing a .pdf Chord Chart, Lead Sheet & Nashville Number Sheet for "Waterfall" from Charity Gayle's album Lord You Are my Song.

All individual charts are .pdf direct downloads.

I've heard of a river flowing from Heaven
And all who are thirsty would thirst no more
I wonder if I can drink of this fountain
The least of ten thousand, I come

Here at the Waterfall I stand in awe
Under the rock under the rock where mercy reigns
Here at the waterfall beneath the cross
Under the rock under the rock where mercy reigns

I've heard of a river out of the mountain
Where healing and pardon are pouring out
I'm over my head in a sea of forgiveness
Hidden in Jesus, I'm found

Everything lives where the river runs
I come alive, I come alive

Written by Jennie Lee Riddle, Jennie Lee Riddle Music, Charity Gayle, Tent Peg Music, and Shane Bernard, Songs From Wellhouse.