Welcome, King Jesus Charts

Welcome, King Jesus Charts

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The Bundle includes a .zip folder containing a .pdf Chord Chart, Lead Sheet & Nashville Number Sheet for "Welcome, King Jesus" from The Emerging Sound Vol. 5.

All individual charts are .pdf direct downloads.

Lift up the gates, fling wide the doors
The King of Glory’s coming
Through city streets and living hearts
We see His Spirit moving

Now His kingdom comes
Now His will be done

Lift up your banners and practice your praise
Fill up your mouths with that glorious name
Jesus, warrior Jesus
Shout all you people, dance through the town
Come celebrate because Heaven’s come down
Jesus, welcome King Jesus

Bring all the sick, call to the lost
Tell them our God is with us
Come prophesy that now’s the time
Get ready church let’s rise up

Glory Glory hallelujah
Glory Glory hallelujah
Glory Glory hallelujah 

Written by Jennie Lee Riddle, Jennie Lee Riddle Music, Kaden Slay, Melanie Tierce and Joshua Sherman, Tent Peg Music, and Nathan Gorton, Candace Howard, Benjamin Gadzik, Corey Hudson, Delaney Ramsdell, Kendra Rowe, Hayden Yates, Megan Fessler and Marian Escio, The Emerging Sound Publishing.