What Love Is Like Charts

What Love Is Like Charts

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The Bundle includes a .zip folder containing a .pdf Chord Chart, Lead Sheet & Nashville Number Sheet for "What Love Is Like" from Melanie Tierce's debut album City Of God.

Individual charts are .pdf direct downloads.

When everything is wrong and I wanna make it right
When it seems injustice has the final word
When I wanna run away, or take up my sword and fight
Cause I can't just sit and watch the way we hurt

I see my Savior
Bound by accusers
Blessing the hands
That take His life
I hear Him saying
“Father forgive them”
Showing the world
What love is like

Can you hear Him say,
“Put your weapons away
And follow me”?

Faith will be my sight, I'll fall on my knees to rise
Until Your Kingdom comes in all the earth
And the darkness of the tomb 
Meets the brilliance of Your light
Yours will always be the final Word

We lift our eyes above
We don't battle flesh and blood
We lift our eyes above
To Jesus

Written by Melanie Tierce, Tent Peg Music, and Josh Lavender, Jordan Rife and Andrea C. Hunter, Wesleyan Church