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Whatever Comes Charts

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The Chart Bundle includes a .zip folder containing a .pdf Chord Chart, Lead Sheet & Nashville Number Sheet for "Whatever Comes" from The Emerging Sound Vol. 4.

All individual charts are .pdf direct downloads.

My life will not end in the grave
I will live to see another day
That day may not be on this Earth
But in Heaven with the Holy Church

Whatever comes
Whatever comes
My God you still remain
My head held high
Be glorified
My hope is in your name
Whatever comes

I don’t fear the day you call me home
It’s the moment i’ve been waiting for
One thing I know i know for sure
You will welcome me at heaven’s door

I will praise
Even when I am afraid
I will praise
Though it cost me everything
I will praise
You are worth the offering
I will praise

Written by Meg Ammons and Anna Morgan Mitchell, Touched By A Fire Publishing, and Emily Palmer, Daniel Gonzalez, Anna Glass, Katie Riley and Elyse Mead, The Emerging Sound Publishing.