Broken for Loves Sake Charts

Broken for Loves Sake Charts

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The Bundle includes a .zip folder containing all orchestration charts as .pdfs for "Broken for Loves Sake" from Opus 1. Individual charts are .pdf direct downloads. The Transposable Information File is a .sib direct download. 

Verse 1

You've come to seek and to save
Those who've lost their way
So seek me or I won't be found
You've come to keep and sustain
Those whom You have named
So keep me oh keep me now


When it gets hard
You go before me as a shield
When it's too late
You come behind me and You heal
Should my heart break
When love's the only way
So be it Lord
May I be broken for love's sake

Verse 2

I will trust and obey
More and more each day
As You take Your place in me
And should I ever fail
Or stumble in the way
You will help me to my feet